I cannot sleep… I cannot sit still…  I am not indifferent…  So what do I do next?  How do I move forward?

I talk!  I open my soul and I write!  While I intend to voice my fears, challenges and thoughts here, I also hope blogging helps me to slow down and listen more.

Writing is my outlet but I realize listening might be a better path to peace.  There has been too little listening and too much insanity lately.

I hope my words have the positive and subtle affect to give you a little more courage and strength.  I want my actions to create more kindness, compassion, peace and love in the world.  But I do not have the answers by any stretch.

I believe lofty aspirations are brought about by daily inspiration.  Please join me from time to time on my journey to find hope again.


I’m a thinker with the goal of being a bit more of an Intuitive.  I am focused on Quieting my brain long enough to hear more from the wee small voice in my Heart.  My aim is to Live this Life as fully and Lightly as possible while acting from Integrity, Love and Grace everyday.

sincerely,  Audrey


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